In the forbidden fruit and nectar of his own mother’s womb, my old family friend Joshua fathered his own father, planting his fertile seed and crafting the fleshly chalice in which a soul returned victorious from seeming oblivion–the flower of the face, where earth meets sky and the light touches the edge of darkness.Opening […] I changed my position slightly to slide myself into her, It slipped from her ass towards her pussy she pushed the shaft back, then whispered, “Uh-uh.

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So off I went on to an Internet site and boy was I right.

Many men willing to give […] Tina was my favorite daughter, always had been.

I felt very proud that all my daughters had been virgins when they married.

Tina was pregnant with her […] The birds seemed to pay extra attention for me this morning.

Everything had been neatly organized for my brother’s return, Leonardo.

It must have been like 9 billion years since I laid my eyes on him, but it was actually just 9 days. That’s code-talk for “inseparable.” I seriously can’t stand 3 hours without […] After I graduated from high school, mom agreed to drive down to Florida to look at some of the colleges.My mother was told to get me ready for marriage to this man whom she knew would be good for my father’s business as a builder.I told her that […] Ever since my first fuck with my brother, it felt like my pussy was ready for fucking 24/7!I’d wake up and my hand would immediately slide down my stomach to find my cunt lips already damp with my juices.Most days I’d just pump my fingers into my hungry hole until sweet orgasmic bliss […] Dad’s passion was causing him to thrust his penis into my face and I happily allowed him into my mouth.In finding my voice I now also found the strength to stand.