Then I pulled my skirt up a bit higher to see how wet my panties were.

They were sopping, and I thought that was real sexy.

I sucked my wet panties into my mouth so I could taste cunt while reading the story.

So there I was, holding the printed out story with one hand shaking the pages so bad I could hardly read, while stroking my pussy with the other.

Before I got half way through I was shaking so bad I had dropped the story and was fondling my tits with my right hand while my left worked furiously on my cunt. After I came, I stood up and looked in the full-length mirror.

Seeing how slutty I looked with my still very erect nipples poking out my T-shirt and my skimpy skirt still hiked up so high that I could see the bottom inch or so of my panties with the nice wet spot very visible—the evidence of my horniness and my orgasm—all turned me on all over again.

Imagining that I was Tammy or another girl looking at the image in the mirrow, I licked my lips and played with my tits.

I knew what I had to do if I was ever going to get any sleep that night, and if I was ever going to be able to concentrate on my studies again. The mere touch of the paper to my fingers felt like I'd grabbed a hot poker.

Trembling all over more violently than before, I locked the door to my room and stepped gingerly over to Tammy's bed where I'd left that . My hands were shaking so bad that I almost dropped it before my wobbly knees carried me to the easy chair where I plopped down and began reading.

After my orgasm died down I stripped completely and took a shower.

But the shower didn't still my horniness as I couldn't get that mother-daughter story out of my mind.

I admired the way she was so filled out compared to me.