You would think that everyone knows how to give one.

It should be a skill that you are born with, but apparently you aren’t.

The page also gives actual users the ability to rate each site.

No sign up just meet up and sex-52

You can visit any of the sites from here and sign up for a free account to have a look around (none require your credit card for the free account so there really is no risk to you).

There is an old joke about how there is no bad sex and technically that’s true but we all know there have been times when it could have been better.

It is true that most men can’t even tell you about the anatomy of a woman, little less what pleases her […] » Read More ITS JUST SEX!

And sex is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated not shunned!

Far too many people are uptight about sex and still consider it taboo.

Men and women who enjoy lots of sex should never be referred to as "sluts".

When the conversation came around to one of the girls she was completely clueless.

[…] » Read More It is something that is very touchy to ask about.

[…] » Read More Men know exactly what they want in bed.

They dream about it, they read about it, they even watch videos about it, but how much do they know about what women want in bed?

No one likes to discuss their sexual encounters with their significant other, especially at the beginning of a relationship.