What if your customers have a question about your sale?

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Talking to customers is everything when it comes to running an online business.

You can’t chat to them over the counter but you can chat to them via email! Thanks to awesome tools like Visual Website Optimizer and Unbounce (shameless shelf plug), savvy online businesses use A/B testing to regularly improve their landing pages and funnels.

…but hardly anyone I talk to A/B tests email campaigns like they should.

Running an A/B test might sound complex but it can be as simple as you want.

This doesn’t mean you have use formal language or lots of pictures.

Take a look at the example above from Flightfox, who used a simple, plain-text question-and-answer format to double the conversions on a lifecycle email.

For example, why not offer new customers — who have subscribed but never bought — a discount.

Give past, loyal customers access to a “hidden” series of products for the new season as a reward for their loyalty. Implementing this type of segmentation can be as simple as pulling the order history out of your database and adding a true or false value to your email marketing list.

Setting up emails like this can be done with good lifecycle email marketing software that allows you to track your customers’ actions and trigger a series of emails to users who look at product category (cameras, for example) but do not checkout.

The web is a powerful place, and you are now able to access and use more information about your customers than ever before.

There are all sorts of tools out there to help with managing customer responses, my favourite being Help Scout.