Most of the publicity for this book has focused on Kayli, with Granny simply being there as an adjunct, but we wanted to find out more about Gail’s experience.

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Her granny Eileen tells her to get herself to a dance, and to “cheer up, you’ll meet a big man one day and you won’t know what to do with him”.

She warns her off Mayo men though, because they’re “too small” and “don’t come up to your shoulder”.

She said: 'There's more single women because more people are saying I don't want to be married to this man any more because he's a total a***.

So they get divorced, live on their own and have a really good time and are still having sex in their 80s.''A lot of women after what happened to me could have ended up fat, frumpy and at home babysitting the grandchildren and doing nothing else.

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I don’t look forward to dealing with an old, messy, farty situation.

I’ve had very nice relationships in the bedroom in my life.

They want to make themselves more worldly, more interesting, more than they were in younger life. And a lot of men are interested in a nurse and a purse, but they don’t exactly admit that.