In 1626 Worm published his Fasti Danici, or "Danish Chronology," containing the results of his researches into runic lore; and in 1636 Runir seu Danica literatura antiquissima, "Runes: the oldest Danish literature," a compilation of transcribed runic texts.

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His grandfather amassed a large fortune, which was passed down to his father, and eventually to him.

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Worm's primary use of his natural history collection was for the purpose of pedagogy. Horror writer Anders Fager has elaborated this myth in several of his tales.

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Worm compiled engravings of his collection, along with his speculations about their meaning, into a catalog of his Museum Wormianum, published after his death in 1654.

As a scientist, Worm straddled the line between modern and pre-modern.His other empirical investigations included providing convincing evidence that lemmings were rodents and not, as some thought, spontaneously generated by the air (Worm 1655, p.327), and also by providing the first detailed drawing of a bird-of-paradise proving that they did, despite much popular speculation to the opposite, indeed have feet like regular birds. Lovecraft mentions Ole Worm (using his Latinized name "Olaus Wormius") as one of the translators of the fictional book Al Azif (commonly known as the Necronomicon).We offer an adult experience, and we are looking forward sharing it with you.Have questions to the use of, safety, anonymity or something else our support team is always available.We offer you the best experience in terms of discretion and anonymity when seeking a partner, without limiting your possibilities to express your individuality.