The only problem is that this section is full of guys showing their junk and has zero girls which basically makes this section a gay chat because girls are literally extinct and not a single woman was seen after spending an hour pressing next!

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Omegle cam chat-17

It has consistently been able to maintain it's traffic rankings by not changing much over the years and gaining press to keep their traffic growing.

This is one of the few sites that have grown by staying true to their original business model.

Ti ritroverai con un estraneo diverso ogni volta che premerai il pulsante "prossimo".

Se incontri qualcuno che ti sembra interessante, smetti di premere il pulsante "prossimo" e sarai in grado di parlare con questa persona per tutto il tempo che vorrai. Per poter chattare con perfetti estranei, dovrai avere accesso alla tua webcam; altrimenti sarai in grado di vedere altri utenti ma loro non vedranno te.

Tutto quello che devi fare è premere il pulsante “inizia”.

Una volta fatto, inizierai subito a chattare con perfetti estranei.

Celebrities use the site regularly which has really helped them keep their rankings growing and gave the site the boost it needed to climb faster than any other site in this industry.

Omegle has an unmonitored section of the site where you can basically do whatever you want without getting banned and has implemented a feature where you can capture a screenshot of your conversation.

The Site is now always in the top 5,000 in Alexa and is still rising.