However they have a lot of business and will notify you frequently to log in because they REALLY need your help with the texts which equals work for us to do and make money and helps us reach our contract minimum and they want you to reach your minimum and go past it because if you aren't helping with the texts then they are killing themselves answering the texts so you guys who don't like them...tough but I love em. Their awesome if you don't mind adult conversations which can be tough to do if you aren't comfident enough to be yourself yet do the work required..job is not for the people that you can easily make blush either.

I don't know what your defination of pays well is but it certainly isn't anything you'll get rich off of.

I know people who do texting and only make around $50 a month and others who text as a full time income and make $1500 There are lots of variables when it comes to texting such as the company's pay, how busy they are, how fast you can type and general understanding of the conversation.

The more you do the more you earn as you will gain your regualars.

When I was working part time as a chat operator I was earning over £150 a week doing a minimum of 20 hours a week.

They had somewhere in the range of one million messages and imagine at $1.00 or more per message they receive revenue from and they pay theire employees peanuts!

They don't have decency to reply to email, they block you out and they mistreat they're employees.Not to mix with immoral, unethical, lying people without any integrity whatsoever. I know of other people who have had issues with Text121 as well.As well as you can go to find out more about these companies and of course our work at home section here. You need to be open minded but if you are out going and chatty you can earn a lot of money as a chat operator.sexyjobs (google it) provides some good leads but unfortunately some of the companies are only recruiting for pso's (phone sex operators).If you are trying to steer away from talking on the phone I personally have not had very much luck.Also, as you mentioned it is adult texting so if you are not comfortable with that then its really not a job for you. You cannot make a living like this unless you live in the chat and have no outside responsibilitie or life.