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She did hang on tight to the panties though, lest they dropped any farther. Penny shrieked with laughter at that new intrusion. As he slid down to bring his hot tongue into contact with those lips one should not kiss, and the erect little nubbin between them, Jim's hands quickly ripped the snaps at his waistband and fly free, and pushed the shorts down to his knees.

But in the process of sitting down, Penny showed Jim something that made it necessary that he dye the area the crotch of the panties covered. " she replied, her big brown eyes regarding him with distrust, hands clenching her panties at the hips so tightly the knuckles were white. Before she realized what was happening, Jim had rubbed his stiff rod in their combined juices, had slipped it into position and thrust it half way into her.

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"You want to take pictures of girls," he said, "you first gotta talk them into taking their pants off." From all my dealings with girls over the years, I've found that to be pretty good advice.