I am 32, 6’3″ 210 with light blue eyes and dark hair and not much body hair.

This happened about 5 years ago when I was working on a construction crew that moves around from state to state.

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It was really untypical of me to behave that way but I said yes to his proposal. When we were young and dare devil we used to pick chicks up in bars and streets, took these bitches to mine for a hard fuck!

From the moment I joined wedlock our hard sessions were getting more infrequent. My story begins from the moment when Alex stopped by for a couple of days when my wife was away.

She was on her official mission in France, so I would stay home alone with no one to chat.

When Alex called me and asked if he would stay with me, as he had some business in Miami and needed to find some place to stay, I said OK.

Just open the door and let me get some warm will you, I’ve been out all night” “Okay, sorry. You never know what it all can end up with, sometimes people reveal all their secret desires and dreams while chatting.

Push the knob.” There was a click and a buzz, Jake pushed his way inside and climbed up to the first floor flat. It’s like you can learn a lot about somebody’s personality. The thing I do like about web sites is that they’re absolutely anonymous. We had a lot in common though we weren’t of the same age. He said it was his first visit to the city and he didn’t know anybody but me there, so he asked me to show him round the city.

A couple of months ago I was home alone and very horny! I inserted the disk he chose and sat down next to him. Not sure when, but once in a broad daylight I realized that I liked to have something shoved in my ass.