However, this is often the beginning of the parti (schecken) pattern and if animals with these permanent white patches are mating with one another, the markings of the offspring will normally be significantly larger than those the parents have.

All puppies are handled and loved everyday from the minute they are born.

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The mating produced the three parti (Schecken) Puppies "Moira," "Modiala," and "Medina," just as anyone with the slightest background in genetics would have predicted.

Another incestuous mating involving the dogs "Liara" and "Leander" from the second generation of parti (schecken) dogs again produced six beautifully developed Parti (schecken) puppies.

The Breed Standards were set early on by a group of enthusiasts who simply decided they liked this or that and thus "outlawed" any "off" colors.

Sadly, Colored Miniature Schnauzer were not desired and many litters were destroyed. If you wish to make a donation, to offset the monthly costs of upgraded internet service required for this site, high electric bill for 5 computers running 24/7 none stop, ongoing equipment and website maintenance costs, and other monthly expenses to keep this site going, thank you so much... Please know, donations or not, my Schnauzers and I love having you be part of our life. My Puppies Help Raise Cancer Awareness And Need Your Help for Cancer Research Fundings. Live Puppy Some viewers have expressed a desire to donate toward the high costs of keeping this live cam/website running. and click on the PAYPAL Logo to send your Donation. PORTION OF PUPPY SALES WILL GO FOR CANCER RESEARCH TO HELP FIND A CURE.The Countess was certain that no "misalliance" had taken place – as was implied bluntly on several occasions – and she decided to take a chance breeding these parti (schecken) dogs.She did the only sensible thing: pairing the siblings "Ilfis" and "Isluga".This was proof that pure breeding of parti (schecken) dogs was possible.