Mr Jessop added: “Some complainers suffered high degrees of stress as a result of the debt.“One was admitted to hospital for two weeks for treatment and another said the stress may have been a factor when he was diagnosed with epilepsy.“Another man said it was extremely upsetting as he went into his maximum overdraft.“One said he had difficulty leaving the house, had trouble sleeping and was generally very upset as a result.”“Troubled background”He said Sutherland used the money to pay a chauffeur company, who were traced and confirmed he was a regular customer and went to lavish nights out.”The biggest single amount extorted by Sutherland came from a 62 year-old caller who phoned what he thought was a one-to-one chat line.

The aims of the study were to (1) compare the impact of various advertising strategies on recruiting MSM participants to an online HIV/AIDS survey, and (2) explore the feasibility of using a social network service (SNS) for study advertising.

A cross-sectional online survey was conducted in 2009.

The survey was promoted in community settings and online, including advertisements through social networks.

A total of 243 men completed the online survey during the 8-week data collection period.

South Australian men over 18 years were invited to participate if they had had sexual intercourse with men in the previous year.

A short questionnaire was used to collect demographics and information on sexual behavior, HIV history, use of the Internet for dating purposes, and sources of health information.Often putting on a voice, he would quickly lead the caller into talking about underage sex before interrupting the call with using a different voice pretending to be a call monitor.He then warned callers that the discussions were illegal and recordings could be sent to police.Online advertisements recruited 91.7% (220/240) of the sample.Conversely, traditional advertisements in the community recruited only 5.8% (14/240) of the sample.By Cara Sulieman A TEENAGER who extorted almost £90,000 from 10 men on gay sex chat lines by threatening to play recordings of their sordid calls to their families, friends and the police has been jailed for 45 months.