There's also a very solid argument to be made that I've already considered this more than anyone who actually wrote or created this movie.

So, while I could and probably will dive deeper into the psychology behind Apocalypse at some point (even if in vain), let's instead focus on the one line of dialogue Oscar Isaac's supervillain speaks that has both crystal-clear intent and major consequences for the future of the X-Men franchise. But as En Sabah Nur crumbles to dust, amid a crescendo of noise so loud you could almost miss them, those three words are spoken in a way that feels unmistakably like a prophecy. In Marvel Comics lore, the Phoenix is not just something that allows Jean Grey to walk on air and overpower a mutant like Apocalypse: it's literally the most powerful cosmic force in the galaxy. Anything that doesn't fit the bill will unleash the wrath of the Phoenix force, at which point Dark Phoenix comes into play.

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), you'll probably be familiar with the unholy mess The Last Stand made of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Bryan Singer even has Jean herself taking shots at it here with a deliciously shady remark about how the third in the trilogy is always the worst.

Although at surface level Apocalypse is an entirely one-dimensional villain and the least entertaining aspect of the movie, there's actually quite an interesting discussion to be had about what's driving him.

Is he insane, evil, or simply so arrogant that he's hell-bent on erasing the world he had no part in building in order to make his own, superior influence felt?

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During the movie's wildly dramatic climax, a fight scene between Xavier's students and Apocalypse's Horsemen which manifests as a complete sensory overload, Jean Grey unleashes the Phoenix Force that's been hidden somewhere inside of her. Not only immortal and impossible to destroy, the Phoenix serves one specific purpose: to burn anything and everything that doesn't comply with the forward nature of life. And that's when the universe needs to start watching its back.

It's a turning point for Jean and Charles, his plea for her to unlock her full potential representing a major change of heart on his fundamental belief that powers should be controlled. Unless you successfully found a way to forget (in which case what's your secret?

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