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At that time, most of the shows did two performances each evening one at 6.15 pm and another at 8.30 pm so there was little free time, especially as there were morning rehearsals for weekly changes of shows, plus Sunday concerts in places ranging from industrial Airdrie to the Queens Hall in genteel Dunoon.

Working constantly in such diverse venues all over the country exposed Ronnie to the promoters who put on the variety shows.

These shows, with Ronnie acting as producer, director and comedian, were staged in theatres and clubs around Scotland.

The concept became so successful that he had to promote similar variety shows, using different casts with Ronnie acting only as director/producer, to satisfy the growing demand from theatre managers.

I liked the expression and Ive used it for my shows ever since. He then began an apprenticeship as a stage carpenter whilst embracing other tasks including acting as box office assistant, bar manager and even stoking the boilers.

But dont print that" jokes Ronnie "if he reads this article he might want money.""When I was nine years old, I started as a call-boy, earning 5/- per week at Edinburghs Theatre Royal. "That was an interesting time" says Ronnie "and it gave me a valuable appreciation of how a theatre works and what makes it tick".The Worst of Times: (5)Women in Scottish Popular Theatre: (6) Wonderful Humour that was Chic Murray: (7) All That Jazz: (8) Johnny Beattie: (9) The Panto Crinoline: (10) Over The Sea to Pantomime: (11) When Scotland Was As Happy As Larry: (12) Will Starr: (13) The King's Theatre, Edinburgh: (14) The Scotsman Who Lived In A Coat - Don Arrol.It is 7 oclock on a cold November evening as I open the door to No. Inside, Ronnie Coburn pulls at his cuffs as he stands in front of the mirror checking the appearance of his outfit. " he asks, "Ive been doing this for over fifty years and I know my audience and they know me". Edinburgh born Ronnie has been entertaining on stage for more than half a century and in that time has delivered his traditional brand of family humour to audiences throughout Scotland and in countries around the world.He watched Jack Radcliffe, Johnny Victory, Lex Mclean, Jack Milroy and Alec Finlay, observing their timing, watching their moves and noting what made audiences laugh.And it wasnt long before he was asked to share the stage with some of the comedians or act as their straight man."Initially, I missed the buzz of Auld Reekie" says Ronnie" but somewhere during that initial season something clicked and I fell in love with the place.