Spain – Spain too follow the trend of kissing cheeks when meeting a person.

This is their way of expressing respect to the other person.

That is of, love and respect to maintain good will in the society.

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Tibet – Tibet has the most interesting way of greeting.

This is their way of telling that they hold no evil thoughts.

This is a traditional custom, unfortunately at present is being followed only by the Inuits, who live in Canada.4.

Saudi Arabia – In Saudi Arabia, people hug and kiss hands or eye as a form of greeting.This is a sign of welcoming a person with due respect.2.Canada – Canada has the most unique way of greeting.Uniforms take a role in began the fashion for Cambodia society today.Before, school uniform became free for students just a white shirt, a blue or black skirt and trousers.It is done not only when a guest come to your house but also when you meet or are introduced to someone.