You can also invite people to text in questions during a pre-scheduled Q&A session and respond to each one in real-time via SMS.

Mobile Commons offers several ways for agents to respond to incoming text messages, whether they are customer concerns, off-script messages, or invited questions.

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To respond to a subscriber, agents can compose a message directly or select a pre-written response from a drop-down menu.

These canned responses are customizable and can also be tagged and filtered by campaign for easy access.

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To further influence this behavior I want to have a running timer showing ..."She once bit the area between my shoulder and my neck while we were getting it on.She did it so hard it left a mark, but for some reason, it felt good in the moment.From open questions to simple thank-yous to accidental butt texts, any automated SMS campaign is likely to receive unsolicited messages.With Mobile Commons, your agents can respond to every incoming message individually.Agents can also view additional information about the subscriber on the same screen, including any campaigns that subscriber is a member of and recent messages sent and received.