The second episode picks up right where the first left off: with Elliot whisked away and coming face to face with the Evil Corp group.Tyrell, surrounded by eleven of E Corp's most annoying lawyers, offers Elliot a position heading their cybersecurity division (while acknowledging it's illegal and that they technically can't offer it due to their Non-Compete with Allsafe).Just how have we, as men, arrived at the grim situation I described in yesterday’s post?

Sex webcam robot-44Sex webcam robot-21

Once this information was gathered, the chat with Sweetie would be shut down, and the information was given to the local police or Interpol.

however, Troels Ørting Jørgensen of the European Cybercrime Centre has expressed concerns that judges may consider Sweetie to have been entrapment, and thereby rule inadmissible any data ultimately sourced to Sweetie.

They will still feel ‘threatened’ and insecure by the ready availability to men of female beauty and youth.

They will still want to take a legal hammer to those Anna sex bots, no matter how many electric black cocks they themselves are being happily serviced by.

Fans can also follow the action on Twitter (#chickencamlove).

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Sexual predators would open webcam connections with 'her', during which programmers would animate Sweetie as necessary in real time through motion capture.

As the dialogue between Sweetie and the predator progressed, the predator would make a wire transfer and provide his Skype address.

Boys who are crucified by feminists for making teenage girls feel inadequate through ‘idealizing’ the diminishing number of the female sex who aren’t grotesquely and dangerously obese.

Those same boys who grow up into a world in which by the time they are 18 or 19 will begin to fear being socially and legally lynched as the worst subhuman perverts imaginable if they continue to pursue, or even look at, females of peak sexual attractiveness, i.e. A perverted gynocracy in which men are so castrated, that to even admit that girls 5 0r 6 years post-pubescent are attractive is to risk the ultimate in shaming language – and not just from women, but from fellow men…even ‘men’s rights activists’. Meanwhile, boys as young as 12 consume steroids and join violent gangs in order to live up to the grotesque conception of masculinity demanded by the young urban white female.

In evolution, everything is result of an evolutionary arms race.