It is a joyous day for the people of the land to make merry.

The religious leader known as the Grand Mufti hails the sighting, and then the message is passed on to the others waiting outside the mosque.

People wish each other "Kol Sana We Enta Tayeb", and then go on to their families to enjoy the occasion.

The New Year in Egypt is also linked to the legend of the Sun God Ra saving the entire humanity from the clutches of Sekhmet, the war Goddess, who had planned to eradicate the human race, by making her drink till she got unconscious.

This new lease of life for the human race is naturally celebrated by the Egyptians with much merriment.

Many researchers and politicians would agree that this belief is far from reality, but based on the amount of fascination surrounding this one characteristic it seems people believe that society’s common definition of intelligence is more firmly rooted in genes than any amount of studying.

Gardner advocated for 8 different types of intelligences, such as spatial and kinesthetic intelligence athletes would be ranked highly in.

Today the custom has become compact, and people visit homes of their extended family and friends to exchange greetings.

In some places New Year parties are organized here people can come together to meet each other instead of having to visit individual homes.

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