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We have found that the passion in our marriage heats up considerably when the geography changes. We did not know that when she climbed out of the boat her suit was transparent.

There is something about travelling to places where people don't know us that provides the opportunity to take risks we... The last few months I have been working crazy hours. Being married over 20 years, like most couples, the hot romance and sex drops off. I did not tell my wife that her nipples were showing. There is a building on the riverfront of New Orleans, where Canal St and Poydras St meet, just across from Harrah’s Casino called the World Trade Mart.

All week she wore numerous sun dresses on the ship which were VERY wide open in the front and showed a ton of her chest.

One in particular was a real eye popper which left about 3/4 of her tan boobs...

When I went back into the the living room, I looked and noticed my wife's...

Every trip we take has it's own unique memories for us.Leaving early, and getting home late, if I got home at all. We were celebrating our anniversary and decided to take a trip to the Bahamas. I intended to spice up our lives and boy did I ever... You look stunning, as usual, just the way we talked about. It has traditionally been home for many consulates and businesses with connections to the port. Just yesterday, I was reminded of this experience while chatting with a friend.I wound up staying at hotels at times because I was far from home and I wouldn't't get any sleep. My wife had been laying out all day and gotten a little burnt since her new suit did not cover nearly as much as her old ones. Petite, slender, and showing off those amazing long legs! The Napoleon House is small quiet bistro a block and a half toward the river from Antoine's Restaurant in the French Quarter in New Orleans.These guys like to get tips from people who watch them get off.The website simply provides for a place to make all of this possible.Being very modest my wife never flaunted herself much at all.