The avatars, up to 16K bytes each, are a potential source of performance problems.When a chatter first enters a room, which may contain many other chatters, he is sent all their avatars.though eventually AOL abandoned it in favor of other chat programs.

Unrestricted chat-40

Unrestricted chat speeddating

This dual login works to allow the buddy list to exist with or without the chat client.

The buddy list client also supports a multi-user chat conference, similar to a chat room but without avatars.

They planned to create a service they built upon the strengths of VP chat – the virtual places web page paradigm, avatars, tours, and games – while addressing the community management problems associated with the unrestricted graphics used in avatars.

Their solution also addressed how to make chat services into a profitable business.

Virtual Places Chat is software that uses the paradigm that any web page on the Internet is a chat room – or Virtual Place – if one or more people are viewing the page with the VPchat program. When VPChat it is used there is a chat pane below the browser window in which the conversation text is displayed, below which is a box for entering text for the conversation.

To the right of the browser window is a list of people in the room.

People participate in the conferences by invitation from the person who opens the conference.

The rooms do not have names that appear in the public chat room list so uninvited users cannot find them and enter.

There is a button in the chat client for launching the buddy list so it appears to be a sub window of the client, however it can remain running after the chat client closes and the user is connected to the chat server a second time through the buddy list.