The story involves three high school students who skip school to search for a cave that is said to lead to another world, where there is supposedly a god that will grant wishes.

Varanoir kingdom of chaos the universe-52

Before you begin playing, do yourself a favor and turn off the English voices and either stick with Japanese or none at all.

The reason for that will also become apparent sooner than you think.

He also thinks he's a badass and resorts to calling people names when they don't see eye-to-eye with him.

He is incapable of being excited about anything, even something like having a prophetic dream about a cave leading to another world behind his high school and then actually finding it.

She is always trying to be useful and responsible, but it usually ends in her putting words into people's mouths: "You think I'm a good-for-nothing, don't you?

" Joins: automatically during chapter 1, act 1 Weapon of Choice: wand Realize: Thousand Arm; Rin summons a portal to another dimension and conjures up a bunch of random items to throw at an enemy Hyoma ----- Hyoma Kusaka is a sourpuss.

Offered as an exclusive release through Game Stop, it was pushed back multiple times with a release date surrounded by confusion, so if you were able to be patient enough to get a copy, kudos.

The game itself is one huge crossover encompassing titles from companies like Aruze, Atlus, Idea Factory, and RED.

She's also a spaz; she always carries a harisen (paper sword) around with her and won't hesitate to whack people with it.