"You'll meet him at an opening and he'll have this crazy-sounding idea - 'I'm getting Zaha to do me a car' - and, weeks later, there it is.Despite the anarchic impression, he's disciplined and tenacious." "For a long time," says Schachter, "I had no idea art and commerce were bedfellows.

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When he was "bounced" from showing his wares at a bunch of art fairs last year, he wrote about his humiliation in Art Review for all his peers to read.

"I suppose you could say that I cultivate a kind of contrarian position," he says merrily, and he likes to tell a story that underlines his self-image as an art world Buster Keaton.

I thought art had this exalted function, that it went from the realm of the mind through a studio and into a museum, ready for people to experience transcendence. The only discourse accompanying art is about money, and it's the most disgusting, sad thing.

But I can't change that world in a Sisyphean way, so why not join in?

"I actually think he forgets it sometimes." Schachter is married to the artist Ilona Malka, a dark, vibrant, stoical woman.

The couple have four sons under 10, and Malka's face is an amalgam of all the joy and forbearance that this implies.It's no accident that the umbrella name for his organisation is Rove."Kenny makes things happen," says the art PR Erica Bolton.His clothes often look as though they're being pulled in several directions at once, perhaps in sympathy with his lateral thinking.He's generally wired and fidgety, which, in his more expansive moments, he'll put down to Attention Deficit Disorder.He took New York by storm with his 'guerilla gallery' ventures; now Kenny Schachter has a new plan: to shake up Britain's art scene - and launch a range of high-concept cars into the bargain. It's a bright spring morning, and Kenny Schachter is in ebullient mood.