When the war was over, and a peace treaty was signed, this tiny country was forgotten and technically remained at war with Germany, until the two countries declared peace in 1958. Due to mountainous terrain, there are no airports or train lines in Andorra.

The nearest airport is in the north is Toulouse, France, which is at 190 km distance and in the south, is Barcelona, Spain, which is at 202 km away. The only way to get in is by road either from Spain or France. Entering on the main road from the Spanish side is a relatively straightforward drive.

Andorra is 6th smallest country in the Europe, and this tiny country is sandwiched between France and Spain.

Located in the Pyrenees Mountains, Andorra occupies only 181 square miles of land which makes it 16th smallest country of the planet.

Being located in the Pyrenees: Europe’s most famous mountain range after the Alps makes it heaven for skydiving, trekking and hiking adventures.

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That’s why its official name is Principality of Andorra or Andorra produces a lot of tobacco and takes up a lot of what little farming space exists here.

You can also purchase cigarettes here much cheaper than anywhere in Europe because of its status as a tax haven.

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Well, have you heard about this tiny country in Europe called Principality of Andorra?

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The continent of Europe refers to mainland Europe, excluding Great Britain, Ireland and Iceland is part of the Eurasian landmass. Made up of 50 countries, Russia being the largest and Vatican City the smallest.