The effect of these erotic alternatives has been to cut out the middlemen; i.e., the talent agencies, producers, and photographers.

All that’s required is a webcam, a good broadband connection, and a knack for turning on your target audience.

Many webcam platforms and escort advertising networks allow the performer to take control of his or her content production and therefore, directly profit from the work.

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The new middleman is the webcam platform provider or the clips sales studio.

Interestingly, as technology fosters a more one-on-one interaction, the tastes of typical erotica consumers have evolved as well.

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Some choose escorting or headlining at strip clubs.

But many others have turned to lucrative live webcam performances and custom video-production.

Ten years ago, an autographed DVD might have been a prized possession for a devoted fan.

Now, last night’s panties are up for grabs – for the right price.

Some performers may even go the extra mile and engage in intimate contact with fans on camera, as a promotional tool.