Elijah is enrolled in a primary class for handicapped students in Glen Paul School, and was brushing up on some pre-vocational skills with his teacher, and that day's task was learning how to shred documents.

He came across an envelope dated 16 years ago, and found a wad of cash in it.

In 1902 many French houses of the congregation were closed by the Government, in consequence of which a large number of Sisters left for Denmark, Russia and the United States. The order has approximately 1,800 sisters in 18 countries. Joseph was sent from Lyon to Chambéry, in Savoy, France under Mother St. She in turn sent sisters to Turin and to Pignerole in the Piedmont, thus giving rise to new branches of Saint Joseph sisters. More than eighty houses rose under her direction, and when, in 1861, a state normal school was opened at Rumilly, Savoy, France. Meanwhile, the Chambéry sisters had been constituted a diocesan congregation, but as years went on a stronger administration became necessary.

The rule was therefore revised to meet the requirements of a generalate, and papal approbation was granted in 1874 by rescript of Pius IX.

This Congregation has approximately 14,000 members worldwide: about 7,000 in the United States; 2,000 in France; and are active in fifty other countries.

J., is a Roman Catholic religious congregation of women founded in Le Puy-en-Velay, France, in 1650.

The Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph of Lyons number nearly 1,000, serving in four provinces (Maine, Mexico, India and Europe) in fifteen countries.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph comprise three international congregations (Lyons, Chambéry, and Annecy) and four federations (French, Italian, US, and Canadian), representing more than 14,000 Sisters worldwide.

The convents and chapels of the community were confiscated in 1793.

The Sisters were forced to choose between returning to their families or leaving France to join communities in other countries. Three in Dauphiné and two in Haute-Loire were sent to the guillotine because they refused to take the Civil Oath.

Although the Congregation celebrates October 15, 1650 as its beginning, there is evidence that points to an earlier founding, more likely between 16.

The new Congregation enjoyed rapid growth, expanding into eighteen houses during the first decade.

Together with the help of his teacher aide, Rachel Cardoza, they managed to trace the contents back to Western Chainsaw, a local business that shreds their documents using Glen Paul's pre-vocational program.