" TL; DR boyfriend's grandma was temporarily blind when she walked in on us, offered us cookies later.

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She's kneeling on the floor of her room, putting her hands and mouth to work. Just as I'm finishing on her face, her mom walks in. Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes" - I've never had a more awkward meal, but it somehow didn't seem to bug her mom.

Everyone is frozen by the awkwardness (and I'm scared shitless). guava_elite: My boyfriend's grandparents lived with him and they were at a doctor appointment for his grandmother to have a quick cataract surgery that morning.

Apparently her mother sleeps naked, so it freaked me out because for a split second I thought her 50 year old mother was going to ask to join in. thatgirlisaproblem: My freshman year of college, I was hooking up with this guy for a few months.

One time we were going at it, it was super hot and heavy, and probably would've ended really quickly..all of a sudden, one of his roommates walked in. But this other guy just opened the door and walked in.

We were mostly under the blanket so she didn't see much but she didn't even care, she was like super nonchalant about the whole thing.

She was just asking my gf for something and was just like, you guys are gross, and you shouldn't be doing that when mom and dad are home.

We were going at it and didn't hear them get back earlier than expected.

We were butt naked, doggy style when his grandma opened the door to his bedroom letting us know they were home.

Being interrupted during sex is one of the more awkward things in lifeā€¦