They don’t take up a lot of space and should help with traction issues on slick clay. For example every country in SE Asia has a highland region.

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I swear it must be like a secret way that travel writers make money. Second, buy stock in companies that make mosquito nets. When I went, there were very few visitors even in a must-see tourist site like Bagan.

You really felt like you were discovering something.

Getting new clothes in SE Asia is rather easy and cheap.

At the worst you may have to get some cheesy t-shirt in a tourist ghetto or custom made pants, but it will still be very cheap.

They are all very similar, so do some research and see if there is anything unique in a couple of them that you would want to see.

After my third trip into a highlands area, the experience became rather blah.

Trust me it happens and then you have to seriously consider a change in geographic location…say Nepal, Northwest India or Central Asia.

There are lots of amazing travel clothes with all kinds of fancy fabrics and ventilation and the like….don’t buy any of it.

But that said, after Hillary Clinton’s visit to the country, I have heard multiple stories that the damn has broken and visitors are pouring into the country.