We’ll keep you informed as we make, quite literally, new headway!

Jo Anne Van Tilburg Easter Island Statue Project August 12- 31, 2014 Dr.

Dear Friends of EISP, Among the many wonderful insights we have gained during our excavations in Rano Raraku Zone, Interior Quarry Region this new head is the most exciting!

Measuring 69cm tall, it is located in Square 6 at a depth of 420cm.

With the completion of the conservation and scientific investigations conducted by our Chilean collaborator, Monica Bahamondez P, and our UCLA collaborator Dr.

Christian Fischer, we were joined this season by our new Chilean collaborator Sr. Our research agreement is contained in a Memo of Understanding between the Universidad de Valparaíso and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA.

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When we discovered it the head was standing upright, propped in place with stones, close to the right side of .

However, and as the new 3D imagery created by EISP team member Greg Downing of x RES Studio clearly shows, the head style is also very similar to that of Tukuturi (RR-002-030), the famous kneeling statue uncovered by the Norwegian Archaeological Expedition, 1954-55.

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