"There are definitely a lot of Amish women who have great bodies, because they work hard," Stoltzfus tells the magazine.

"They also eat really healthy, since they grow their own food.

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After seven episodes full of births, brawls, and bar hopping, it's clear that having the support of each other has made the transition a lot smoother.

Still, judging by the teaser for this week's reunion special, there's plenty of drama to go around with this dysfunctional family.

"I'm not ashamed I was married," High said, confirming that her divorce is still pending but expected to be finalized soon.

"I still love (my ex) -- he's a good man and he's honorable.

The cast has addressed the rumors in varying degrees throughout its three seasons on TLC, but the reunion show, which airs Sunday night, is always a good venue to address rumors and scandals that have cropped up since the show aired.

Here's some of what the Return to Amish cast has had to defend themselves against over the years.

VIDEO: Abe and Rebecca open up about her infant daughter Here, Us Weekly breaks down five of the biggest myths that the "Breaking Amish" cast debunked: 1 - Sabrina was married before, tying the knot in a traditional Mennonite ceremony.

Dealing with the fallout of leaked wedding pictures posted online by a former friend, High told reunion host Michelle Beadle that her 2009 ceremony adhered to Mennonite traditions and did not have dancing or alcohol.

I'm very sensitive when it comes to my daughter because I'm trying to be a good mom," Rebecca said, refusing to talk about her child.

It hasn't been easy for the members of the original Breaking Amish cast to adapt to their new ex-Amish and ex-Mennonite lives during this season of Return to Amish.

Surprisingly, the Return to Amish cast doesn't seemed to have been involved in too much controversy outside of the show, which is quite different from the first time around.