It starts to feel like the universe itself conspires against you. The longer you’ve held onto it, the more deeply ingrained it can be.

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This deep sense of happiness and personal fulfillment are both, in my opinion, tied into this concept of PURPOSE.

When you have purpose in your life – and not just any purpose – but your deep drive to effect the world, you’ll realise that there’s nothing you can get from a woman that comes even close to that.

among geeky guys who’re trying to get better at dating. Girls are just gonna keep throwing themselves at assholes and you’re stuck at home while everybody else in the world is having you undoubtedly have been bombarded with messages about how your mentality and your attitude can affect your success in life. Raise your hand (metaphorically speaking) if you’ve ever thought something like this: “Women don’t like me because I’m too _______” “Only ______ people get what they want.” “If I do _______, people will figure out I’m a fake.” “There’s no point in ________, it’ll never work anyway.” Any of this sound familiar? God knows it showed in my attitudes towards women, equal parts desperation and resentment.

There’s a lot of you venting your frustration about your dating lives, in your letters to me and in the comments on the blog. These are what’re known as self-limiting beliefs; ideas that become so entrenched within your sense of self and identity that they’ve become of you. The few relationships I have were unhealthy; either I stayed in relationships that had turned toxic because I didn’t think I could do better or spent my entire time consumed with the idea that at any moment I would get the dreaded “We need to talk…” as my girlfriend realized that she could do better.

When you focus on abundance you get more, it’s that simple!

The law of attraction states that what you focus on grows so when you focus on having more men coming into your life than you can shake a stick at then this is what will happen.

Just try it and see what happens, because what do you have to lose?

Focusing on a lack will bring more of that and it will also mean that men pick up on your needy and desperate vibes and date you to get what they can from you, leaving you believing even more so that ever that all of the good guys are gone.

Video Summary Create an abundance mentality and your love life will change for the better.

It is a concept that originates from the Zen school of thinking and the opposite of it is the scarcity mentality.

You’re perpetually on the look-out for the next shoe to drop or the next thing to go completely wrong.