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In July 2009, the City Council agreed on a development plan for the former First Baptist Church that would create a hub for downtown activity with school programs for underprivileged Killeen children and access to health services.

The center would also be a home for arts and civic activities.

The City Council in July and September voted to amend the lease agreements with the organizations by increasing rent and requiring at least one organization to cover utility costs for the first time.

The city also added language in some of the leases that allowed the city to terminate the agreements at any time as long as written notice was provided and time was granted for the organizations to move out.

The aging space was set to become the centerpiece of the city’s downtown revitalization plan — a farsighted overhaul of the downtown area that would attract tourists and new business while memorializing the city’s history.

But by October 2017, the hub of that dream — the Killeen Arts and Activities Center — will be used for another purpose entirely, and the spirit of the area’s revitalization rests in the balance.The council ultimately agreed, and a plan for the center’s revitalization was underway and paid for by a number of sources, including block grant funding, and 20 issues of certificates of obligation — a form of debt that does not need voter approval and is most often used after a catastrophic event.THE LESSEES In 2011, the center began to grow into its multiple buildings centered on a garden walkway.Our event venue in Killeen, Texas is ideal for bringing people together for any occasion.Our large ballroom is capable of seating 200 guests theatre style and 100 guests banquet style.So what does this move mean for the ongoing downtown revitalization plan and access to services for downtown residents?