When you add that site to your list of links, you can specify that the owner of that site is a friend, and that you have met in real life.The link that is created will be of the form Example.When you add a new link you may specify in this section of the Screen the relationship you share in real life with the author of the page to which you're linking.

I think the key point to emphasize here is that it is important to use video to connect and engage with your target visitors.

In this case, my site is very specifically focused on mature South African women and visitors looking for adult contacts.

These links can be put into categories, imported, exported, added, deleted, and edited. Clicking on the Screen Options tab shows a list of the columns with a check-box next to each column.

Check the box for each module you want displayed, or uncheck the box to not display that module.

In addition, those same four modules can be moved by hovering the mouse cursor over the module title bar, when the mouse cursor changes to 4-arrows, hold the left-mouse button down, drag the module to where you want to place it, then release the mouse button (this is called drag-and-drop).

The first three fields of the Links Add New Screen are the esssential fields when creating new links. Sometimes called a URL, this is the destination, or the site, you want to go to when you click the link.I’ll be covering Google PPC in more depth in future articles, but for now, just take care when adding links to your landing pages if you envisage promoting them on Adwords now or in the future.Ensure that the links are relevant and add value to the visitors experience, even if they choose not to stay and sign up with you.New Categories can also be added by clicking Add New Category link and simply typing that Category in the box and clicking the Add button.This modules houses radio buttons that allow you to decide how the link's destination is displayed when someone clicks the link.This link works just the same as a normal link, but contains extra information about your relationship to the site.