Someone in my comments section mentioned that you can go to this page and see the imported phone numbers and delete them.

However, he also noted that "even if you didn't sync your phone book, if you provide your phone number to Facebook, you might get matched with other folks who have you in their phonebooks.

Singles, mensen met een relatie, op zoek naar iets nieuws of gewoon nieuwsgierig naar wat de wereld te bieden heeft — Ashley Madison is de meest open-minded datinggemeenschap ter wereld.

My page -- part diary, part cocktail party, part think tank -- has become a place where friends, acquaintances and complete strangers come together and joke, flirt, share stories and have really smart and often tough conversations about everything from sex and love to gender and race.

I also love that I'm never sure who is going to pop up in my feed and when I'm bored or avoiding doing something more important, I scroll through my "People You May Know" box on the off chance I'll bump into someone from my past or find someone I might want to be a part of my future.

The Second one is how can to store the apart values of combo box into one like: Month, Day and Year into the database. My Database attributes are: "fname, lname, userpasswd, username, bdate, sex" Thanks!

This is snapshot of my Registration Form For fields fname, lname, password and email choose nvarchar in table and store them by they're real value.

After submitting the form by user, you have to convert the datetime by: Now you will get the date in the format as, for eg : '2013:jan:1' .

You can store it in a text field or string field in mysql database.

But I am going to take Facebook's lead and consider that maybe I judged some of those other guys a little too quickly and they might deserve another chance or -- at the very least -- a Facebook friend request.

A representative from Grindr told The Huffington Post in an email, "As part of our commitment to privacy, Grindr does not share user data with Facebook.

I'm not saying that I'm going to contact all (or any) of these guys or that I'm having (or at least indulging) fantasies about finding my husband in the ruins of a once forgotten one-night stand, but I like the idea of remembering -- of memory -- and honoring those experiences (even the terrible ones) as being part of building who I am today.

In our culture of the quick fix and the even quicker orgasm, when we're often so ready to flee from something that feels scary or challenging, being confronted by our failures can reveal how much we've grown.

There was the guy who didn't get any of my jokes and lived in what I imagine Freddy Krueger's basement bachelor pad would probably look like.