Community Facilities Directory Community Corrections has three regional offices (Western, Central and Eastern) providing supervision of 43 District Offices, 12 state-operated facilities, and oversight for 11 privately-contracted community residential centers.

Back to top 1st, 3rd & 4th Thursday of each month a.m. Please click here for the Courts payment agreement guidelines.

Notices of appeal should be filed in person within 10 calendar days from your conviction date.

Community Corrections' primary goal is public safety.

In Virginia, public safety is defined as the quality of life that allows our citizens to feel secure in their everyday lives by being free from danger, injury and damage caused by those who choose not to obey the law.

Click on “Pay Traffic Tickets” and follow the instructions to prepay. To pay by Visa or Master Card, fill in the credit card authorization information on the reverse side of the prepayable information sheet given to you by the officer. Status offenses are those acts that are unlawful only because they are committed by a minor.

Mail your payment payable to the General District Court or your credit card authorization information to the court at 351 Courthouse Lane, Suite 201, King William, VA 23086. How can I pay by credit card if I do not have the credit card authorization form? You will need to fax us an authorization letter with the credit card information, expiration date, and total of the ticket(s) along with the cardholders signature. In addition, this court handles other matters involving the family such as custody, support and visitation.Because of confidentiality laws, the clerk’s office can often only provide very limited information about a case and then only to those people involved with the case. A Contact: Shannon Meadowcroft Phone: 804-769-4975 Fax: 804-769-4940 Email: [email protected] The Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court Clerk’s Office is located in the new Courts & Public Safety Building at 351 Courthouse Lane. Civil cases involve essentially private disputes between two or more parties; criminal cases are proceedings by the State against individuals accused of a crime.Back to top Back to top Shannon Meadowcroft, Court Clerk King William Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court 351 Courthouse Lane, Suite 206 King William, VA 23086 Phone: (804) 769-4975 Fax: (804) 769-4940 F. In civil cases, the circuit court has concurrent jurisdiction with the general district court over claims from ,500 to ,000 and exclusive original jurisdiction over almost all claims exceeding ,000.The circuit court also has jurisdiction over all equity matters, including divorce cases, disputes concerning wills and estates, and controversies involving property.In criminal cases, the circuit court has jurisdiction over the trial of all felonies (offenses that may be punished by commitment to the Department of Corrections) and of those misdemeanors (offenses carrying a penalty of not more than twelve months in jail) originally charged in circuit court.A misdemeanor is any charge, which carries a penalty of no more than one year in jail or a fine of up to ,500, or both.