If you have been charged with indecency with a Child, please contact us immediately to speak with an attorney about your case.Defending yourself against this charge is tricky, and it is definitely not something that you want to attempt to do yourself.Additionally, the so-called "victim" of the sexual encounter must be at least 15 years of age for the Romeo and Juliet law to apply.

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Subsection (a)(1) describes the Indecency by Contact type of Indecency with a Child charge, and subsection (a)(2) describes the Indecency by Exposure type of Inecency with a Child charge.

There are two different affirmative defenses provided by the law even if the molestation is admitted. The statute also describes what “sexual contact” specifically means.

Although it is still illegal, recent changes to Texas law now exempts the actor from registering.

This exemption only applies if a consensual sexual relation is had between a teenager or young adult over the age of 17 and a teenager under the age of 17, but there is no more than a four-year age difference between the two young people.

There are two affirmative defenses to Indecency with a Child in Texas.

The first affirmative defense requires an age difference of less than three years, and the people have to be of the opposite sex.

Indecency with a Child is one of the “Statutory Rape” charges in Texas, the other related law being Sexual Assault of a Child.

Indecency of a Child covers a more types of sexual conduct between adults and children than what Sexual Assault covers.

In “Sexual Performance by a Child” the forbidden activity is essentially a “performance” of some kind.