According to Condé Nast Traveller, Boussier says that he developed Crew Me after observing that crew members employed by different carriers didn’t really connect.

Regardless of whether the app brings them together for a drink or something more, it enables airline employees to meet and mingle with peers as they please.

Whatever your relationship status; whether you’re committed, single, or casually dating, everyone has preconceived ideas about what a relationship should be like, and how it should work.

Released on the App Store earlier this month, Crew Me is currently free to download on all Apple devices.

The free version of the app lets users find other people, chat and view profiles of their matches.

Some of us listen to our friends and others just gather...

Taking a nod from Tinder, the Crew Me app enables airline employees to meet up with their peers, ensuring that a life in the sky is no longer lonely.

This includes so many confused and contradictory rules it can often lead to issues that needn’t be there.

The first thing to determine is where most of your relationship influences come from; many of us watch our parents and decide that we either want to be exactly like them or nothing like them.Here at Cabin Crew we have noticed that lots of you are chatting about accommodation in our forums – whether you’re struggling to find some or aren’t happy with the people you live with, we understand it can be a massive stress.Looking forward to going home is massively important, even if it’s just a temporary home - if you don’t look forward to going back it can negatively affect all other aspects of your life. There are many frustrations that can occur when trying to cope with the in-laws as they are commonly known; nosey mothers and over-protective fathers are just a couple of common issues.Though Crew Me is only a few weeks old, Boussier already has plans for a big update, which will alert users when one of their potential matches is in the vicinity.If aviation is part of your life then Love Air is your pilot dating site.Should users wish to see pictures and profiles of every user that expresses interest in them, they must purchase a .99/month subscription.