Insiders say Gubler was a special guest at Taylor’s 4th of July bash in Rhode Island, but she was apparently trying to keep the romance under wraps.“She posted photographs from the party on her blog that showed her backup dancers, but Matthew’s picture was conspicuously absent,” said a source.

cole mohr’s ex gf has said he and ali are together on her tumblr, so i think ali and matthew might be done this time.

but I can’t really judge, mainly because when I was 16, I dated someone 10 years older than me.

but we’ll absolutely never know the full story and it isn’t fair to assert our assumptions as fact. let the man live in peace and date whomever he feels is the right person to date.

) were snapped last Thursday exiting Urth Cafe in Los Angeles together (pictures at Fashin).

“Taylor’s trying to keep the whole relationship with Matthew secret for now,” said an insider. The truth is, she wants to get to know him better before they take the relationship public.” They might have a difficult time getting together because he works in LA and she’s in the middle of a big concert tour. I would imagine dating Taylor Swift is going to be a difficult proposition for the overwhelming majority of dudes, but they keep signing up for some reason.

And he’s likely to be wary considering that Taylor has a long list of actor and singer exes. a lot of people date others who are significantly younger than them. and I know he gets a bad rep purely because of the Kemp Muhl thing, which I agree, is kind of icky.I’ve always been attracted to/been in relationships with older men.and it does speak volumes about the older person when the younger one is under the legal age, I agree, but folks… people change and make different decisions with their lives. mgg is a little notorious for dating women in their early twenties, but jesus, who cares? & he was convinced that they were going to get married far as it looks, all of his relationships thus far (again, excluding the Muhl one, which is weird and has little to no merit backing it) have been between two consenting adults who were of the legal age to make those decisions. that’s not the type of relationship that a creepy older dude has with a younger girl.“Taylor wants to fly Matthew out to visit her on tour this summer,” said the source. They don’t want to see him become the subject of one of Taylor’s infamous breakup songs.”, print edition] I think it’s a good sign that Taylor hasn’t arranged any photo-ops with The Gube, and that they might be trying to get to know each other before everything becomes public.