If FDR based his Executive Order 9066 on MAGIC intercepts , then there must be something very specific or or very detailed that would have prompted him to order that exectutive order.


Black women are never reprimanded as "racists" in there articles for declaring that black men have a responsibility to marry black women. One thing I can say further about American intelligence methods just before the 2nd World War was that they were not probably as sophisticated as they are now today.

It was thru trial and error that American inteeligence is more probably more astute in dealing with foreign intelligence networks, a process learned thru its long confrontation with the KGB.

The lists provided by the G-2 units of suspected Japanese agents is just that a list.

It smells more of " guilt by association " rather than cold hard evidence.

The subsequent testimony of Mc Cloy claiming that the order was based on assesments of MAGIC intercepts are just that . He probably was trying to justify his actions regarding Japanese - American internment during that period.

WE now are more proficient in collecting HUMINT AND SIGINT info compared to the tools available to the intelligence community during that period.

I am not an expert on military intelligence but here are some views I have on how military interlligence performed in the Second World WAr.

All intelligence apparatuses be it the G-2 , Abwehr, NKVD, Surete, MI6 or MI5 or Special Branch or whatever had their own strings of failure and successes.

The black women I know are vehement is their anger at black men who dare to marry outside their race.

The New York Times constantly prints articles about this, and seems to believe that black women have a legitimate complaint. Tomei, if you want to call this racist behavior when a white engages in it, I suggest that you also call it racist behavior when a black engages in it.

The Japanese enemy did not have the same kind of advantage over him.