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Although none listed here showed pornographic materials that I found, these sites may upset some readers.

Please click at your own risk, and only if you've reached the age of majority in your geographic location.

I may get blasted by Fet Life's owner, John Baku, for listing Fet Life as a "top" BDSM dating site.

Think of it as a Facebook for kinky folks, and you've got a pretty good idea as to how the underground yet well-populated site works.

More ยป More of an adult dating site than BDSM per say, Sexy Ads does offer some functionality for alternatively-minded folks too.

Note that the default for all new, unpaid users is "good", where you can only look at tame photos.

The differences however, are considerable, when looking at BDSM relationships and merely adult, casual ones: ALT offers a huge number of questions to determine your specific kink, and each one is easily searched by its paying members.

For those not willing to pay the (somewhat steep) fees, try hanging out in the groups or chat rooms to see if someone nearby shares your interests.

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