The on a a holiday trip to Corfu she took a fancy to the son of the owner of the hotel we were in. She would return in the morning, straddle my face and tell me all about her night and how the young man would cum in her mouth, pussy and ass all night long, over and over again. Like a good cuckold I'd change the sheets for the missus and her young man so they would be fresh for their next session.

I'm thrilled about it, but I do wish she'd come home soon. UPDATE EMAIL She got home about the next morning and was very worn out.

They had drank alot the night before and had passed out after a few hours of fucking.

I dribble a little cum and it starts back up again.

She called around 10pm to say that she was "taking a vacation at ******'s house tonight." She has no doubt been split in two by now as it's nearly 5am and she hasn't even called yet.

That night I jerked off imagining what may have happened.

If it had been my first wife she would have told me the whole (hole) story and would not have stopped at sucking him off or just a hand job.

They All Cheated - Cheating women have always been attracted to me. My earliest girlfriends when I was just nineteen seemed to delight in having sex with me and then announcing that they were off to fuck some else.

Strangely, the more it happened the more I liked it. I never got to watch her in the act, but I did see her kissing the gym teacher quite often.

When I was engaged to my wife I had heard she was cheating on me. I hid down the street from her house after I dropped her off. I started following them when she went with the guy that picked her up the most often. She got into my car and started telling me that she knew I had been following her and watching her for weeks. She said that she loves me and still wants to marry me but that I can't get her off.