The idea of how sex is performed is not unknown but the idea how to perform safely or how to love is lacking.Marriage is the main option towards establishing a sexual relationship.There are no outlets for Middle Eastern individuals to get educated on love and more specifically sex except for what is portrayed in love songs.

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Anyone caught engaging in these acts in the middle east may face criminal charges and suffer damage to his or her reputation.

The females reputation is tarnished much more so than the males, which is why females are reluctant to dating. Also when individuals do date, their love is only a means of communication of words which satisfy their lust temporarily.

Normally, the parents relationship will describe to young adults the details of how a relationship evolves.

Most married Arabs however are humble and do not display affection publicly for one another.

The two individuals in “love” would text each other poetry and or love song quotes.

It is not uncommon to see young adult Arabs gathered together with friends singing love songs amongst each other to portray their feeling for longing.

Also the communication between adult men & women is frowned upon and can harm an individual’s reputation.

An unwed female takes on ridicule and embarrassment if she is to date prior to marriage.

Even the video clips are un-intimate with a theme that mimics a Disney Movie.

The Arabic community in a whole do not approve of risque behavior and therefore most video clips are monotone with minimal sexual suggestions.

Individuals from poor family’s may not have the resources to buy these dowry’s.