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While the battery is removed press on the power button for at least 10 seconds. This procedure refreshes your phone and frees up memory occupied by unnecessary data. If your widgets still have a problem then the next step is to check if whether a third party app is causing this.

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Once in Safe Mode check and see if your widgets are working fine.

If they are then the freezing issue you is probably caused by a third party app you recently installed. Galaxy Note 3 Photos Gone After Update Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 and for months now it always came up with this reminder to install something, it came up every time the phone would get switched off and back on and a few times daily, I would ways just clicked not now and it would come up with a reminder for 30 mins, 1 hour and 3 hours.

If the settings check out then go check the sync settings of your device. If you have an email client in your computer that is set to receive your email make sure that it is set to leave a copy on the server.

Check the internal storage space of your device and ensure that it still has ample space.

You must have at least 150MB available space if not then try to clear more storage space.

If your email is still not working then it’s time to clear out the cache of your email app.

If not then recovering the lost photos are next to impossible.

Galaxy Note 3 APK File Installation Issue Problem: Hi, I am unable to install the applications on my galaxy note 3 International version.

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