Curiously his other news outlets in Australia and the US, including Fox, barely acknowledged the sister rag's disaster across the ocean.Interestingly, the NÂș2 shareholder of News Corp is to the site of the former World Trade Center was funded by the Kingdom Foundation, an organization they say which "funds madrasas [sic] all over the world", as a possible link to terrorist motives for the building of the mosque, while failing to mention that the guy who funds it is also in business with Murdoch.This is a look at what Twitter accounts are most commonly followed by the 80 members of the All Fox News Twitter list. The code used to analyze the list and display the results is on Github.

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During the temporary short periods of relaxation to catch your breath, they occasionally mention some real "news," but quickly change the subject.

Fox News was the first to inform us that Barack Obama is a Muslim sleeper, trained in a radical Islamic madrasa, a co-conspirator of terrorist Bill Ayers, who salutes his wife with a "terrorist fist jab." Fox is still awaiting a Pulitzer for these notable revelations.

He stated on Twitter, "Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil fucking channel ever again.

Thank you." Fox News anchor Andy Levy replied in a tweet, "Dear @Adam Levine, don't make crappy fucking music ever again. Many of the more outrageous or potentially controversial clips, particularly those of their opinion pundits are widely available on You Tube.

They are also your National Headquarters for uninteresting Southern California car chases. Say what you will about Rupert Murdoch, he knows a good business model when he sees it; instead of training journalists and actually shipping them to newsworthy spots, he hires demagogues to scream hysterically for hours on end.

Filling airtime with real stories costs much more money than having lunatics rave, and besides, temper tantrums are often morbidly fascinating.

Rupert Murdoch mandated that his 'news' outlets (including WSJ) not report negative stories about China, partly to assure the Chinese he can control what's released and partly to protect his own business interests.

(This is rather ironic, given how loudly conservatives scream about how much US federal debt is held by China.) When Israel bombed Lebanon's infrastructure rather than Hamas, again Rupert directed Fox to cover his assets.

Fox News employs people all across the political spectrum, from the far-right to the ultra-right.

Nevertheless, the on-air personalities tend to fall into recognizable categories: angry Irish guys, blondes with nice legs, milquetoast liberals, and hawt chicks of indeterminate ethnicity.

One thing Fox has been quite effective at doing is securing a dedicated and loyal audience of considerable size, virtually all of them conservative Republicans.