Despite this, Rihanna seemed to have no plans in getting back with Chris Brown after she revealed her insights about the idea to a source.

Rumors say that Rihanna recalled her relationship experiences with Chris Brown back in year 2008 through 2013.

They collaborated on a couple of songs, and for a while there, it really seemed like they were a couple again.

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As we all remember so very, very well, back in February of 2007, Chris was arrested for assaulting Rihanna.

He left her alone in his car on the side of the road, and when police found her, she was "beaten really badly and hysterical." Then, a few years later, the two became friendly again.

“He respects me, calls me pops and I like him – despite what happened. I’d support them being together.” Then again, Fenty also admits that he debated flying out to Los Angeles and exacting revenge on Brown after the violent assault was made public, so perhaps a warm reunion isn't the best idea.

It's been years since they were in a relationship, but Chris Brown still seems invested in Rihanna (and she in him).

It's been years since Rihanna and Chris Brown were officially a couple, and the two had one of the messiest break-ups possible.

For those with a short memory, in 2009 Brown was found guilty of assaulting Rihanna and sentenced to five years probation and a restraining order against the singer. But when it comes to these two, the story just seems to keep going.These days, Rihanna is dating Drake, and it seems like her relationship with him is the most serious, most stable relationship she's ever been in.It's definitely a healthier relationship than the one she had with Chris Brown, to say the least.Chris Brown is reported to have been doing his best to get the attention of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna after the actress' break up with Drake.However, Rihanna seems to have no plans of entertaining the idea.The singer hasn't commented on the meaning behind any of the songs regarding her past relationship.