De Wyze also served as one of the album's producers, along with Pearson, Emery, Seibold, Wilder, Gad, Phil Allen and Dr Zero.RCA Records dismissed De Wyze from his contract in 2011, due to the poor performance of his previous album, Live It Up.They would make such a cute couple with their little Danny Gokey babies :p.

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About a year later, on November 26, 2013, a video was posted to CBS Chicago's website, in which De Wyze performed "Don't Be Afraid" and dedicated the song to those that had been affected by recent tornadoes in Illinois and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

In the video, he encouraged people to aid in the relief effort by donating to Red Cross.

Although De Wyze felt that he and RCA were not thinking the same thing regarding his musical style, he still had high hopes about recording a second album with them and trying to take it in a different direction, De Wyze chose to take an optimistic view of the situation and saw it as an opportunity to finally make the record that he had always wanted to make.

Feeling that he had been misunderstood as an artist, he returned to a folk rock sound, more comparable to what had been present on his independent albums.

Many people were surprised to hear him release music in this style and drew comparisons to Mumford & Sons, but De Wyze responded, "anyone can go back and listen to what I was doing when I was sixteen or seventeen years old, those are the kind of records that I was making then.

I just wasn't able to put them out there like I am now." Without any record deal in place, De Wyze began writing new songs and created demo versions for two of them: "Silver Lining" and "Fight." After showing them to potential labels, he turned down multiple offers that were only made because of his success on American Idol.Attracting Vanguard Records with his new music, he signed with the label in early 2013 and was given creative freedom while working on Frames.The album was released on August 20, 2013 to positive reviews.Thirteen tracks are included on the standard release, while acoustic versions of each song are available on the deluxe edition.De Wyze has six solo writing credits on the album and was a co-writer on all of the other songs, collaborating with Drew Pearson, Julian Emery, Justin Irvin, Shelly Fairchild, Rick Seibold, Matthew Wilder and Toby Gad."Who Would've Known" was written for De Wyze's wife, Jonna Walsh, whom he married in July 2012.