Danielle learned this important lesson the hard way when Liam Payne fans recently started making fun of her on social media.

According to , Payne’s ex-girlfriend received quite a bit of hate from a few 1D fans on Twitter.

However, no doubt time will tell if Louis and Danielle are indeed over, and as always, if and when we hear more on that, we’ll let you know.

Are liam and danielle still dating video

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Liam Payne isn’t dating Danielle Peazer anymore, but that doesn’t necessary mean One Direction fans won’t say nasty things about her on social media.

But of course, every couple has the odd tiff, and one row does not a breakup make, however, days later, while Louis was all smiles as he collected his son Freddie from the tot’s mother Briana Jungwirth’s home, Danielle looked very stony-faced…

Though obviously, the paparazzi shots may have just caught Danielle at an unfortunate moment, because while the camera doesn’t lie, it can misrepresent, and she could have been simply lost in thought that moment and smiling, off-camera, the next.

“Me and the most beautiful girl in the world,” he said in a recent Instagram post.

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has been dating Danielle Campbell for a number of months now, however, during the weekend that they attended the Coachella Festival, there were rumours that they had been spotted arguing.

But of course, it was as ever unnamed sources who made those claims, and in the wider general picture, that Danielle hasn’t been spotted with Louis over the weekend isn’t in and of itself any kind of ‘proof’ that they’ve called it a day.

She might have had other plans or perhaps wasn’t feeling well…

However, she didn’t hesitate to let everyone know that their behavior was nothing short of atrocious. Since Liam Payne fans are a particularly vicious lot, his ex was swimming in an ocean of virtual hate.

Most of these comments are weirdly focused on the dancer’s appearance, which is apparently unappealing to a certain section of the world’s population.

Peter's Collegiate School in Wolverhampton, England. Payne is currently on the "Where We Are" tour with the popular British-Irish group and the source added that "too much distance" was the main reason behind his breakup with Smith.