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There are not as many reviews of this website from users as you might expect, considering that they quote users of their website and application in the multi-millions.

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The whole idea is a bit of a mess and it took us some time before we got to know our way round on the site and how all the features could be accessed – not that there were that many.

What was also a bit confusing is the way there are three different categories of search, even though there doesn’t actually seem to be a need for more than just one.

People don’t like that it is advertised as free when it actually requires a paid membership to meet people, and they are frustrated with the policy of never giving refunds.

But they do like that it connects to Facebook, shows you people with whom you have friends and interests in common, and that it has a very simple user interface.

On the other hand, listing a whole array of favourites isn’t that exciting to read and although it might give a clear account of what you like, it says very little about who you actually ARE.

Still, AYI sees that information as pretty essential in trying to find you your perfect match – but we’ll come back to that point later.

Most online dating sites and apps receive the same kind of compliments and complaints – it’s the nature of the industry.

One thing to consider, however, is that most reviewers did say they didn’t feel that this was a dating site intended for people who were genuinely looking for a relationship – it was much more conducive to casual dating and interactions.

At this time, there is no information on what the cost of this website is.

The price of online dating memberships change based how many features you want access to, how long you would like your membership to last, and what kind of price promotions they are running at any one time.

The Friends of Friends feature was only launched in March by AYI and apparently 2 million connections have already been made through it.