Before the marriage date, both the parties spend a lot of time in preparation and exchange of gifts.

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The marriage ceremony is generally a lengthy affair.

A lot of vedic mantras are chanted during the ceremony, while a band plays on in the back ground.

Marriage is meant for the continuation of family and practice of dharma.

In Hindu tradition, there is no concept as divorce. Divorce is a modern practice introduced into Hindu society through the Hindu Marriage Act in India.5.

This is followed by a gift ceremony during which the couple acknowledge the gifts brought by the guests for the their wedding.

The marriage rituals usually vary from region to region and caste to caste.However following are some of the most common and popular rituals.One of the important ceremonies associated with Hindu marriages is the handing over ceremony (bidai), which bears a lot of sentimental significance for the girl's family.Hindu marriage is essentially an extension of the four aims (purusharthas) and the four stages (ashramas) of human life.Unless a person has accepted the life of renunciation out of his intense longing for liberation, marriage is sacred responsibility (dharma) of each and every individual in society. Hindus consider marriage as a sacred relationship, between two souls, not just two bodies.Hindus believe that the marriage relationship extends beyond one's life.6.