Later that year, she changes her mind again and Lofty whisks her away for a secret wedding outside Walford but it does not go smoothly.

When a witness says Den had been seen with a mystery woman the day of his death, Sharon wonders who it was so Michelle admits it was her and that Den is Vicki's father.

Feeling hurt, angry, deceived, and unable to accept Michelle's explanation, Sharon walks out.

At a nearby canal, away from the prying eyes of Walford, Den promises to provide financial support for his child and keep its paternity a secret.

The following year, Michelle struggles with the hardships of being a pregnant teenager.

After it becomes clear that the firm want Den dead, he escapes from custody but meets Michelle by the canal one last time, unaware that she is under surveillance.

At the canal, Michelle tells Den that she will wait for him and that one day they will be together with Vicki as a family.Michelle gets involved with another married man, computer salesman, Danny Whiting (Saul Jephcott), who tells Michelle that his marriage is over, whilst trying to reconcile with his wife.Michelle moves in with Rachel Kominski (Jacquetta May), a lecturer who persuades Michelle to resume her studies and enroll at university.Restricted from the youthful pursuits of her peers, she becomes depressed.She turns to kind-hearted barman Lofty Holloway (Tom Watt) who eventually falls in love with her, proposing marriage and offering to raise her child as his own.Initially, Michelle competes with her best friend Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) for the affections of Kelvin Carpenter (Paul J. When she is 16, Michelle discovers she is pregnant.