I found it encouraging that just recently two different books have had characters who have struggled with depression most of their life.

When a hero or heroine suffers from depression it rarely is a lifelong illness.

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For example, Laura Drake’s Tal: Lucy, those ten veterans are just like you. Makes me feel I am not the only messed up person out there. @redheadedjen - you would not have wanted to be around me in my teens and early twenties. It switches between a character in the past and one in the future, both with severe cerebral palsy.

Barbara Davis goes into more detail about the loses from depression in her book, .

And if you enjoy hearing about the triumph of the human spirit even under the most unendurable of circumstances.

I have it on my bookshelf and reread it periodically.

My family includes several Aspies and my sister-in-law and I felt The Rosie Project rang mostly true.

I have a nephew who is of dating age and he reminds me of Don in so many ways.

September was Suicide Prevention Month and upon hearing that you probably immediately thought of Robin Williams’s tragic death. The only time I could stop the memories was when I was drunk and off my face. A rusty white pickup truck lurched down the road, an animal crate on its flatbed rattling against restraints. One called out “Shoot the baby,” and soon they were all shouting “Shoot the baby, shoot the baby.” The boy who had asked the genetics question called out “Shoot the enemy,” and then another said, “Ambush them.” The suggestions were coming rapidly. ” “Cover its mouth.” “How long can it live without air? There is nothing more moving than reading about friends, family and love ones providing comfort and support– circling the wagons, so to speak.

Today, one in four Americans will suffer from some type of mental illness during some point in their life, but there still is a stigma associated with being diagnosed with one. I hit a bloke in the pub once because he knocked over my beer. His father had offered to cage him once—a drunken joke that wasn’t remotely funny. ” As I had expected, all the ideas come from the Asperger’s “sufferers.” The parents made no constructive suggestions; some even tried to suppress their children’s creativity. And of course it is rewarding to watch the character get better.

Many recent books have heroes or heroines suffering from PTSD because of time spent at war. Madden handles it well in SEAL'S Lost Dream where a former military dog handler gets help from a veterinarian and his employer.